Make Women Want You Now Reviews

make women want you now

Make Women Want You Now Reviews

The Good

Focuses on teaching you practical skills in an clear and understandable way. Gives a lot of examples of things you know and do in order to increase your attractiveness to women. Good value for money considering everything that’s included.

The Bad

The vast majority of advice here works better on younger women, thus if you’re an older guy some of these techniques might not really suit your style. The book doesn’t really talk about the subtleties of changing what you do depending on the situation – for instance, approaching a girl by herself versus when she is within a group, or day game versus night game.

Make Women Want You

Make Women Want You

Tha Harsh Truth

This is a really solid product which focuses on the core of the items it means to become an attractive man, and the steps you can take to become one.

Rather than giving you a lot of theory, it teaches you the attitude and mindsets of guys who happen to be successful with females, as well as giving word-for-word instances of the types of conversations you should be having. It’s only really centered on night game, and specifically the early parts of the interaction.

If you find yourself at a loss for words as soon as you first approach a girl, this device can help you with this. Best suited for casual dating, not really any information on lasting relationships.


Make Women Would Like You by Jason Capital is made up of main e-book and a few bonus products. It’s aimed mostly at the beginner level and focuses specifically on how to create sexual attraction in women. It’s clear that Jason features a thorough idea of general self-help principles, and far of this knowledge is mixed throughout the book along with the more technique-specific information on dating.

The book starts off listing a number of different limiting beliefs that a majority of men hold about women and dating, attributing these beliefs to what we get taught through Hollywood movies that don’t reflect reality. Then it suggests the correct beliefs that you need to have instead if you want to be successful with women. This is helpful advice here, but like everything that involves altering your beliefs, depends on you making a concerted effort to do so. The easiest method to try and implement the new beliefs in this book is to read them to yourself every day and go speak to plenty of women so you possess some real world evidence to base these beliefs on.

Make Women Want You review

Make Women Want You review

An issue that Jason stresses in the beginning in the book is that the most important thing would be to work on yourself. So most of the attractive beliefs and behaviours he wants you to adopt rely on you trying to be a better man. He references a few self-help authors in doing this, and one thing he continually mentions through the book is ‘leaning towards your edges’. What this means is that you’re always striving to push yourself and improve in the aspects of wealth, health and relationships. That by educating yourself and taking chances in everyday life you become a far more well-rounded man and can become a little more attractive to women every day by working on the things which really matter.

Formula For Achievement

Like many dating coaches, Jason features a formula that he teaches. In this situation, it’s attraction, high value small talk, and escalation. The good thing about this method that he teaches is that it tries to make it as basic as possible. There are many other systems out there which are really convoluted and overwhelming for guys that are new to this, and they end up suffering from information overload.

With that said ,, there are some other techniques that Jason discusses here that expand upon his 3-step model. Specifically, under the main topic of high value small talk there are a few ideas he discusses that go way beyond what most people’s concept of small talk involves. In reality, the model that he or she teaches is very similar to what some other dating coaches teach, but it’s made to sound more free-flowing and less restrictive. There isn’t really a step-by-step plan informing you exactly what to say and in what order, but more of a framework to use within and giving you examples of what you can point out that demonstrate your attractiveness to women.

The good thing about this product is it gives you lots of practical examples you can go out and use immediately. So you can go out and apply these ideas and make use of the examples given, and you’ll obtain a feel for the kind of attitude and personality that ladies find attractive. From there, you could start to develop your own personal material and conversational frameworks because you’ll understand the principles that make them work.

Make Women Want You reviews

Make Women Want You reviews

Routines Or Natural Game?

A variety of years ago there was a long-running debate in the pickup community about whether using scripted routines or a more natural style of game was better. What many people failed to see is that it’s possible to use a combination of both, and this product provides a really good example of how you can do that. Jason’s style is to be quite direct, in the sense that he doesn’t invent excuses as to why he or she is talking to the girl. But he also uses a lot of teasing and push-pull and never really comes straight out and tells the girl that he wants her like some proponents of natural game do.

There are a number of routines, gimmicks, games or whatever you want to call them, to provide you with some help when you struggle to think of what to say to women. While there’s an advantage sometimes to natural game and merely improvising on the spot, sometimes your brain struggles to consider something and in this case developing a few routines and games you can fall back on can really help you out. Especially for newer guys, having some proven bits of conversation to fall back on can act like a safety net and give you more confidence.

To his credit, Jason points out the innovators of a number of the different routines which he mentions, like Mystery and Tyler Durden aka Owen Cook. So not all of these ideas are original, in reality I remember using some of these myself many years ago. But there are other original ideas from Jason himself that are based on some of the more well known dating techniques, like being cocky and funny by David DeAngelo.

The trick is to use routines that fit your personality which you’re congruent with. There are a number of stuff that Jason says and does with women that personally don’t fit my style, but there are others that do. By way of example, playing thumb wars using a girl is not really something that I choose to do, but I know many guys who love doing this. So take what suits with your style and adapt what you can to really make it work for you.

The Attractive Guy In The Bar

There’s some terrific advice with this book about things you can do to have a woman enthusiastic about you before you even talk to her. So this includes things such as your fashion and grooming, body language and using pre-selection to pique the interest of girls. These aren’t new concepts, but they are important ones if you’ve never heard them before.

Jason gives some fundamental but helpful advice about fashion, detailing what his personal style is and how he wears several accessories and contains a haircut to make him stand out within the bar. Despite how you may have seen Mystery dressing, you don’t need to wear anything outlandish or over the top. But it’s generally a good idea to dress fashionably and wear several items that help to give you a sexual image. This book will give you an excellent starting off point on how to do this.

Pre-selection is actually a powerful concept and is mainly useful in bars and nightclubs. The idea is when girls watch you talking and achieving fun with other girls, they may see you as more attractive, according to their perception that other girls have already approved individuals. There’s some basic advice here on how to try this in a bar, nothing revolutionary. If you apply all of these principles taught within the book and make an effort to flirt with most of the girls the thing is in the bar or club then you should get some good results coming via the power of pre-selection.

Realistic Success Levels

One thing that becomes apparent through the course is Jason is an enthusiastic guy, and this is excellent in terms of the motivation he provides for going out and taking control of your dating life. Alternatively, there are times where he exaggerates on the simplicity or the success that you’re likely to have. Saying such things as how easy it is to pick up any attractive girl or how you can make literally each woman you meet attracted to you is not really accurate.

For many guys who are a novice to learning these skills, it requires a certain amount of time as well as dedicated practice to get solid results. And when you get really good, you can achieve tremendous results. But I don’t know of any guys who are able to literally get any woman that they want. It’s hardly going to happen.

It’s important to keep realistic goals so that you can stay motivated in doing what you’re doing. If you venture out with the expectation that you should be hooking up with every cute girl you talk to, you can end up thinking you’re doing something wrong once this doesn’t happen. So it’s important to understand that even the best guys in the world with females don’t possess a 100% success rate. Just keep practicing the skills and working on your sticking points along with the success can come.


There are a number of bonuses that are included as part of this product. One of them is really a short report called Always Know What To Mention, and gives some advice on how to keep the conversation going in a attractive way. There are some basic principles of conversation so that you can always think of something no matter what she says, as well as some games and gimmicks you can use.

Another bonus is referred to as Done For You Attraction. It lists a variety of mainly cocky and funny one-liners which you can use to help spark attraction. Most of these are traditional lines that happen to be well known in the pickup community. The important thing with using these is to use them with the right playful attitude, otherwise you can risk coming off being an arrogant jerk. But if you say all of them with the right attitude you’ll see women often responding well to them. In general though, many of these lines are more effective on younger women.

Along the same lines there is The Charm Bible. Its content has a lot of cocky lines and in addition flirtatious and banter-themed roleplays you can use. There’s some good advice in here, just remember not saying any of these inside a serious way. There’s also a guide to body language which includes some good but basic advice. To help you with some sexual skills there’s also a transcript of the interview between Jason and Jason Julius, on the topic of how to give girls orgasms and increase your staying power.

There’s a Powerpoint video of several subliminal switches you can incorporate to convey status. Pretty good advice here, especially to help you present you as more of the challenge and increase sexual tension. And there’s another report containing a number of field reports of Jason in action, detailing how he seduced the girl. There’s some interesting insights to be gained from reading these at the same time.

Also please be aware that when you get this product you’ll receive a trial offer to The Masters Of Dating Inner Circle, a subscription based online program. If you choose not to opt out of that program, you’ll be charged a monthly charge of $59.97.

The Bottom Line:

This really is a really solid product that focuses on the core of what this means to be an attractive man, along with the steps you can take to be one.

Rather than giving you plenty of theory, it explains the attitude and mindsets of guys who are successful with women, and also giving word-for-word examples of the kinds of conversations you ought to be having.

It’s only really focused on night game, and specifically the early parts of the interaction. If you locate yourself at a loss for words after you first approach a lady, this product will help you with that. Best suited for casual dating, not necessarily any info on long term relationships.

Make Women Want You Now is a revelatory guide to how to improve self-confidence and pickups in order to, as the title says Make Women Want You. The dating game can be a long and arduous one, plus some people seem so naturally good at it. This is where this writer of the book comes in. They have honed the best way to access exactly what women want, in order to make them want you. Having put in the time experimenting and coming up with a variety of strategies, this book is definitely the ultimate help guide improving you rapport with females.

About The ‘Make Women Would Love You Now’ Guide

Make Women Want You is actually a 115 page guide to attraction. Created by Jason Capital, a prominent pick up artist. Consisting of a primary eBook and some bonus products, it’s aimed mostly at beginners who wish to receive advice about getting the women they want. This is a guide to inciting sexual attraction in women.

Jason begins by informing readers that they will must reset a couple of old beliefs, in order to gain benefit from the wisdom within Make Women Want You. Also, the book really focuses on the significance of presenting yourself to situations in which you need to speak with women. Each woman. Even when they are not the people you want. Therefore, it does require some commitment and is not going to promise to function overnight.

Essentially rooted within the self-help genre, this eBook strives to push you toward becoming the best version of yourself that you can. This, in turn, means you will attract the type of women you deserve.

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Key Points of Make Women Want You Reviews

Essentially this comprehensive guide has been given to avoid the more traditional step by step approach, to offer a variety of strategies that happen to be all according to a 3 step approach. This involves attraction, high value small talk and then escalation.

Jason details how to get noticed in the first place, which does not have to be solely right down to what you wear or getting the latest haircut. It is about how precisely you carry yourself and who you are seen with.

When the attraction part is cared for, Jason gives a lot of attention to the concept of high value small talk. This subtly introduces the idea that every little thing you say to a prospect is useful, and you may begin to find this easier over time.

After that, the way to really get her wanting you is by various escalation techniques. Ultimately these focus on getting her to crave your touch, and improving intimacy. Since the ideas are so varied, there should be something to fit everyone’s personality type.

Unlike many similar guides, Make Women Want You Reviews guide anybody can be personalised by offering such a selection of routines that you can pick ones that ensure you are being congruent, and fit your personality type. For instance, some guys would never desire challenging someone to an arm wrestle, whereas others will make this suit them appropriately.

Advantages of Make Women Would Love You

Make Women Want You Reviews has are several advantages, specfic to choosing this dating program to help you within your love pursuits, not least of which is it will enhance your confidence. Mainly because it offers a selection of ways to implement the 3 step program, you can practise its formula in a variety of situations. In fact, Jason really encourages readers to achieve that: talk to as numerous women as is possible, in order to get accustomed to it.

When we mentioned above, this is not an entirely prescriptive program, that allows for it in becoming personalised. You don’t need to be repeating patterns she has heard before, and the last thing you would want to do is come across as inauthentic or incongruous. You may select which parts of this range of strategies and routines suit you, and suit the type of woman you are looking at engaging with.

Because the product is accessed digitally, it implies you can have it within your possession just moments form making the decision. You won’t need to sit around waiting for appointments, you can immediately begin to digest the information and set some of the ideas into practise. This also means it is portable, and can be accessed via any digital device. One can learn the wisdom of pick-up whilst commuting, on a lunch break or even in a cafe!

This is among the easiest to go by and approachable plans we have now come across, and also you are gaining access to some impressive expertise. There is also an online community, which means you can chat to other individuals about what works for them; gaining eve more secrets to seduction.

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What’s included when you buy Make Women Want You Review?

Besides the main guide, you will receive bonus materials which help you to gain a level deeper comprehension of the dating game. Such as Always Understand What To Say – a guide to conversation that keeps it sexually focused inside a subtle way.

You will also access Done For You Attraction, which lists numerous mainly cocky and funny one-liners to aid pique her interest. These must be executed using a tongue in cheek, cheeky approach in order for those to not seem cheesy. Jason explicates this within the guide.

Similarly, furthermore you will receive The Charm Bible. Again, a range of cheeky one liners, this is worth reading through time and again to understand the style of banter containing so many women getting excited. This touches on the necessity of body language and how to both display and study it, as a way to improve rapport. You also get yourself a transcript of Jason and Julius discussing how to give better orgasms, so your confidence actually inside the bedroom should improve too.

There are several examples of real situations Jason has incurred, and just how he has handled them to improve your confidence in picking up. Having a video demonstrating ways to subtly suggest status and confidence, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to covering all bases of seduction.

In addition, you gain trial access to the online subscription service. You can cancel this whenever you want.


Make Women Want You Review is one of the most comprehensive programs available and it is a bargain price, when you consider the amount of time of research, trial and error and planning who have helped produce the guide. Obtain your copy today and start practising pickups without delay.

You’ve heard the saying. The phrase goes such as this…

“Just be confident!”

The problem with this “saying” is it’s completely false. Regardless of how confident you will be, there are still women out there who can turn you down. This holds true even if you’re insanely attractive.

Make Women Want You will be the #1 best selling “self help” book for men on not getting turned down. It’ll present you with methodology where if you put your own personal spin on it, you’ll be able to get women with barely any effort.

But first, before we start, let’s concentrate on that ridiculous saying…

Why the saying is nonsense

Any attractive woman is going to have men climbing across her. They’re going to be in the streets, in the grocery store, and of course, in the bar or club. A significant section of these men are going to be both attractive and confident… yet as you’ve probably already noticed, no respectable woman sleeps with every guy she meets. If she did… well, if she did, she wouldn’t hold the best reputation, to say the least.

Women subconsciously undergo a 3-step process when determining if a guy may be worth her time

The initial attraction – “is this guy attractive to me?”

The conversation – “is this guy actually worth something, or did he just hit the genetic lottery?”

The long term determinant – “should I continue seeing this guy, or cut him off completely?”

Make Women Want You Review covers how to behave during all 3 phases. Which means that you’ll can get laid without notice to, and if you see fit, you can make any one of those lays into your long-term girlfriend.

We’ll cover the steps below, and we’ll tell you how Make Women Want You addresses them.

The original attraction

initial attractionWomen often say that they “care about more than looks”… and we’re not doubting that they do! Men cherish more than looks, too – you’d never keep a hottie with an IQ of 40 around for long.

But there’s no way to interest them if you don’t have the initial attraction.

Imagine if an ugly, overweight, unhygienic lady approached you on the street… even if she had the perfect personality, you wouldn’t consider her. You might become friends along with her – this is why the dreaded “friend zone” comes into play – but you’d never sleep with her or date her.

The first phase of Make Women Want You gives you simple steps to follow in order to make your initial attraction as high as physically possible. No matter where you happen to be right now… whether you’re skinny, fat, or just “average”… you will be more attractive inside the eyes of females by following these guidelines.

Some are based on physical appearance, but most of them take care of the subconscious mind – body language, how you carry yourself, etc. Both are important. You need conscious and subconscious attraction both working for you – remember, any attractive woman has men available at every turn.

Make Women Would Love You tells you learning to make both work for you. Then, in the following step, it tells you the way you use this initial attraction to get results for your advantage.

The conversation to bypass the “filter”

Alright. You have your s*** on lock, and it’s time to, you understand, get a girl.

You’re now going to be appealing to women… but women find plenty of guys attractive, just like you find lots of girls attractive.

You’d probably jump on the ability to get with most of the girls you find attractive, right? The situation for women is they can’t accomplish this – if a guy gets a lot of girls, he’s a player, but if a girl gets a lot of guys, she… as we said before, doesn’t have the best reputation.

So they implement a filter. In a nutshell, this filter is simply saying “okay, this guy looks good… but can he impress me any further?”

It’s worth noting that we’re not saying this behavior is bad. It’s just the way of the world. Unless you’re at a club where you can’t hear a damn thing, it’ll be happening. (You’d undertake it too. Imagine if you were Brad Pitt and you had girls clamboring to speak with you… you’d be selective, no?)

This phase of Make Women Want You is focused on reading deeper into the first conversation you might have with a woman. It’s arguably the most important section – when you screw up here, she disappears forever, and you’re left with nothing.

Specifically, it covers how to approach a girl (hint: it’s NOT with cheesy pickup lines), what to speak about, how to get around their tests (the questions that can make or break her attraction), and finally, how to take her home or get her number, dependant upon what you’re trying to do.

Keeping her interested in the future

Maybe you used phases one and two to acquire a cute girl’s number at the coffee shop. Or you had a wild night at the place after a bit of drinking with a girl who’s way out of your league.

Regardless, you choose that you want to see her again.

long term relationshipGuess who else wants to see her again? Every other guy who she’s ever given her number to or hooked up with.

However, with the point, you actually have an advantage. You’re competing with a lesser group of guys. Unless she likes to have a new guy every month (most girls don’t accomplish this), she’s gonna be much more receptive of your advances.

But still, you should get the second meet… then you need to blow her away on the second meet. Then you should get the third meet… and blow her away on the third meet. Etc.

The thing is, up until you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you’re an attractive mate, the girl is still trying you out. She could be aware of it, or she could be doing it unconsciously, but she is doing it, just as you’re judging every girl you spend time with.

Make Women Would Love You covers everything past the first encounter.

Ever get frustrated when you text a girl that you seemingly possessed a great encounter with, and she never texts back? There’s a reason for that. The initial text probably turned her off.

Or have you ever gone on a second date using a girl, “opened up”, along with her explain how things aren’t going to work? Again, you most likely did something unattractive, and since you haven’t proved yourself beyond a shadow of your doubt yet, she brushes you aside and waits for the herd to approach her.

Make Women Would Love You is your handbook for making women ignore the herd and only be aware of you. There’s a huge list of things not to do – you’ll probably check this out list and realize that you’ve been doing some of them before. In fact, one of them might be the good reason that a relationship by using a previous girl didn’t exercise, even if you wanted it to.

But more importantly, there’s a listing of things to do. These are generally things where when you do them, the girl will become infatuated along with you. We’re not at liberty to discuss what they are, exactly… but once you know that one guy who has girls clinging to him 24/7, he’s probably implementing no less than a few of these strategies.

Make Women Want You: A Brief Summary

Bypassing the initial attraction filter: what you should change about yourself physically to produce yourself more pleasing to women, as well as subconscious ways to make women stare at you in public places and say “yeah, he’s attractive”

Bypassing the conversational filter: the way to carry a conversation with a woman so that she maintains that attraction and doesn’t get turned off or throw you into the friend zone

Bypassing the “mate” filter: things you can do (and not do) so that in the event you sleep having a girl or get her number, it is simple to turn that into something more, whether it’s a friends with benefits situation or possibly a girlfriend/boyfriend form of deal

The guy who came up with course is known as Jason Capital. He sells it for $47. That’s a refundable purchase, so if you read it and think it’s BS, you can easily email him for a refund. (He honors the refund policy for a whole two months once you purchase.)

However, you probably won’t want a refund. Most guys love it because it’s so simple and straightforward. That’s the reason why it’s so popular… if you go on any PUA forum (or heck, any regular relationship forum), you’ll see people talking about it.